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"Dr. Moya is quite simply an amazing dentist, the best I've ever had the pleasure to meet. She and her staff are incredibly warm and friendly. She took wonderful care of my son's root canal and crown, keeping us informed every step of the way, and through her careful and precise work, my son now smiles widely and brightly. Her practice is truly a family friendly place. I would give Dr. Moya's Family Precision Dental 6 stars if I could."

- Steve Bottoms

"In an impersonal world, it's rare to find so much caring for each patient. The entire staff is attentive and Dr Moya takes time to understand the care each person needs and that they understand they treatment options. Dr. Moya and her team are a rare find."

- Ann Snider

"I avoided the dentist for eons, and as a result, my teeth were horrid. Two other dentists insisted that my only option was to pull them all and go straight to dentures. Dr. Moya and the staff were all awesome. Not only were they able to save most of my teeth, but I now have a pearly new smile with only a partial. Five star establishment all the way."


- Lamar Wade

"Wow. I was blown away by Dr. Moya, Abby, and the rest of the people at the office. Once I got to the office, it's absolutely beautiful inside and so welcoming. The staff is incredibly knowledgable and inviting. Perhaps the best part about it was how honest and caring everyone was here. Dr. Moya took time, listened to my concerns about my smile and worked with me, but she actually talked me down from expensive options from the start. She wanted me to be happy, but not to sell me on anything unless it was something I absolutely wanted. The staff is honest, humble and funny. Everyone here has fun, and the visit will make your day better. Oh and the dentist work? Amazing. Dr. Moya fixed a chipped tooth that had been bothering me and making me self-conscious for years. Now it looks amazing and natural. I was originally thinking about veneers instead, but Dr. Moya saved me thousands.

I have found the best dentist and staff ever... Now I'm never going to be able to leave. If you have read this far, there really is no need to look elsewhere. Everything you want and look for in a dentist is here, professional, skillful, knowledgeable, welcoming, caring, fun, honest, humble, the list goes on. Color me crazy, but I look forward to my next visit... that's when you know you have a great dentist."

- Ryne Harshman

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